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how to apply for a puppy

I love this stage. I love connecting with people who are ready to give a puppy a life long home! It's so exciting! 


First things first. We need to be comfortable with each other. So email, call, or message me. Calling me is the fastest way to get ahold of me. Messaging me is the next best but I'll gladly email if that's what you prefer. 


I will probably ask you some questions so I can know that my puppies are going to a safe environment. I prefer to do this over a phone call rather than making you fill out a long list of questions. I want you to ask me questions too. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Once we are all comfortable and you are ready to take the next step, I will ask for a holding deposit. A holding deposit holds a puppy for you from the upcoming litter. I will take a $500 holding deposit. This can be paid with PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or Cash. A holding deposit shows me that you're serious about getting a puppy and you're planning on getting one from me! For this reason it is a nonrefundable deposit. I will take up to four holding deposits before a litter is born. After I have four deposits, I will put the remaining people on a waitlist to let them know once the puppies are born. This is so I don't take more deposits than puppies. 


birth to 8 weeks: how the puppies are raised

Once puppies are born, I will let you know how many there are and how many of each gender. I will also send some pictures! (Something we all love!!)


On day three from birth, I begin Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI), and puppy handling exercises. These will be described in more detail on my FAQ page here.


I will send weekly pictures to each of my buyers so you can see the little ones growing up! This is a very busy time, so I can't constantly send pictures, but I will do my best to update you regularly. 


At 3 weeks I will have a designated place for the puppies to use the restroom. This will litter train them and helps keep everything clean!


I will wean the puppies off mama when the time comes and will start them on puppy food. The puppy food they will start with is 4health puppy food moistened with water. At 6 weeks, we switch to dry 4health puppy food.


The puppies will be dewormed regularly here at home. Then, at 6 weeks of age, I will take them to the Wharton Veterinary Clinic to get their first shots and a checkup to make sure they're healthy!


When the puppies are 6 weeks, y'all will get to pick your puppy! This is an exciting time. The order of picking is in the order I get the deposits. You can either come and pick in person or I can send you pictures and you can pick that way! 


Finally, it's 8 weeks and the time is come for you and the puppy to have a beautiful life together. I will have a puppy pack for you. This will include the paperwork. (AKC registration application, Trupanion insurance paper, deworming schedule, weights, vet records, ENS and ESI records, sales receipt, deposit receipt, and Things to Remember) Also included will be a mom-scented blanket, a sample of food, a sample of litter (Put this in your yard where you want them to do their business.), a puppy toy, and lots of love! Last, but not least, I will tell the sweet puppies bye.❤ 


Goodbyes don't have to be forever! I love to get pictures from y'all after they go home. It's so wonderful to see happy puppies/dogs with happy people! And if you have questions after you get home, please ask me. I want to be here to help!



about the next litter of puppies!

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