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kamaria kai starlight goldens el campo tx


kamaria kai


kamaria kai starlight goldens el campo tx

I got my Kamaria Kai of Golden Savannah on August 3, 2021. She's kind of my miracle dog. Please let me explain. I had been looking for another puppy to get for awhile when I found a breeder in Pennsylvania that seemed to be what I was looking for. Beautiful pictures of parents, did a video call and the breeder seemed legit. So I reserved a puppy with a holding deposit. The puppies grew up and I chose my puppy. I bought a ticket to go get her and was so excited! Finally, another puppy. Oh, I love puppies.


The day came, I flew to Philadelphia, and said breeder met me at the airport. I found out quite quickly that everything was not as I expected. The puppy was just not as white as I needed and it just didn't seem right. But I payed the money and we parted ways. I went into the restroom to try to clean the puppy up and ended up calling home. My dad told me he thought I'd be ahead to see if the breeder would take the puppy back. So I called her back and she was willing to take the puppy back and give me back my money without my holding deposit. I am very grateful that she was honest and helpful with my predicament. So I was without a puppy in the Philadelphia airport and it was honestly kind of depressing. Enter my sister. She finds a breeder in Narvon, PA who, according to his ad, had puppies available. His name was Mike Kravets and his business is Golden Savannah. I call him and he tells me that yes he does have a puppy available. He was unsure that the puppy would fit in a puppy carrier and go on the plane but he tried it and she did. Mike was very kind and agreed to bring her up to the airport for me. (Thank-goodness I had a long layover) And oh, she was so sweet! It was a very hurried meeting and I ran to catch my plane. But this little puppy is my Kamaria Kai and she is so beautiful. I am thankful both to God and to Mike for her! Now for more on Kamaria...



I'm Kamaria Kai of Golden Savannah! I was born on June 2, 2021. On August 3, Darcy got me and we flew back to Texas. That was a loooong day! Just like that, boom, I became a Texan! And then I met Denali's puppies that were about my age. (She had puppies at the time I got her) How's that for a nice transplant? I've just kept growing and loving it here! 

My favorite past time is probably getting petted by humans. Oh, how I love attention. I also love eating fish! I'm more of the cuddly kind so if you come visit me, go ahead and sit down. I'll probably come lay or sit down right beside you! And oh, I also do funny little groans. Darcy noticed it about right after he got me home and it's a signature of mine. Playing with the other dogs also comes in at high priority! 

I go to the Wharton Vet to get my vaccinations and stuff! At this point my OFA testing has not been done yet. The results will be on here when they are!

I love people and petting so please come visit me!!

patiently waiting,



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