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denali sable


denali sable starlight goldens.jpeg



I'm Denali Sable. I was born in Timpson, TX on June 11, 2019. So I am a full blooded Texan, born and raised here! I have that friendly Texas spirit too, if y'all know what I mean!😉 Darcy came and got me in August and took me home with him. I stole his heart cause he came to pick one of us out from my litter and I was the one that came up to him and he just, well, took me home!!😍 

I grew up on the farm and love it here! One thing I loved as a puppy and still love is the swing in the backyard. You'll see me pictured in the swing on this site! When I was a puppy, Darcy would swing with me on that swing, and, by the way, we can both still fit on that swing, but it's pretty tight...😂


My favorite past time is probably food. I just love food! Darcy petting me is just pretty awesome too! I also love to explore around the farm, but then I have to take a power nap😂 Darcy thinks I'm really cute when I'm all stretched out taking my naps!


I go to the Wharton Vet to get all my shots and vaccinations. I also got my hips and elbows tested to make sure my joints are good! Of course my puppies go here too to get their first shots and check-over. The staff there think my puppies are pretty cute and who wouldn't? They're little cream balls of fluff🥰 


I would say my nature tends to be more high-geared and excitable! Does that make sense? People make me excited! I love people but people with food! Oh, baby, yeah! So, yes, I tend to be high-geared but sit down beside me and pet me and I'm just as calm as a cucumber.❤ 


If any of y'all get one of my puppies, I would like to ask one big favor! Will you please give them a really nice home with LOTS of love! Thank-you, I know there's a lot of really nice people in this world who can give a loving, nice home to my sweet, darling puppies. Darcy wants this too. He wants my puppies to be happy. When you see a little puppy with its clear eyes and it's trusting face, yeah, please give them a nice home. They're pretty sweet!


love ya'll,


health clearances

  • Hips-OFA-Good

  • Elbows-OFA-Normal

  • prcd-Pra status- clear

  • Pra1 status- clear

  •  Pra2 status- clear

  • MD status- clear

  • Ict status- clear                                    

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