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male and female golden retriever dogs starlight goldens el campo tx.jpeg

the story

So, how I started this all! I had two cousins that were into breeding dogs when I was younger so that's kind of where I got my dream of doing it someday! Then, we had a Golden Retriever, who's name was Laska, that I grew up around. She was with us when I was born! So naturally I was fond of Goldens!


When I heard about English Cream Goldens, I was sold! They were so beautiful! Long, flowing, cream coats, with deep, expressive eyes! Oh my!! I got Denali, my first puppy, in August of '19, and now here we are! A lot of water has been under the bridge! I've made a lot of mistakes! I've had a lot of happy times! There's been a lot of work!


To know when you're not home that when you go home, you'll have three dogs to tell you "Hi" and all wanting your attention, all loving you no matter how you're feeling, is truly wonderful! They don't care what clothes you're wearing or what you say. They just want love and affection! And they give you the same!

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