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axel sherlock


axel sherlock starlight goldens el campo tx.jpeg



My full name is Lilly's White Sir Axel Sherlock and I can live up to that long name for sure! Darcy, (my favorite human) calls me Axel. 

I was born in Arkansas on August 20, 2019 at a nice breeder's place who's name is Drew Hiller. Darcy got me from her in Dallas in October of 2019 and that is where our journey began. I grew up on the farm and love it here. I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could! 


Darcy tells people that I was super easy to train and that always makes me feel kinda big! Another thing that makes me feel big is riding on the back of the UTV. 


Probably one of my favorite parts of the day is when Darcy let's me out of my run in the morning and I can go play with Rowdy, my friend that came to Darcy's parents in 2016. I love to have him chase me around and I jump all over the place. But I also like when Darcy takes the time to play fetch with me. Really, most of my day is amazing unless I have to be put in my kennel before evening. I love to be free! 


I go to the Wharton Vet to get all my shots and vaccinations but I'm really brave and stuff. They also tested my hips and elbows to make sure I didn't have any problems. 


When Denali has puppies, I kinda keep my distance because those wiggly little things are kind of scary. When the puppies get older, I play with them some, but I use caution because you never can tell what those little buddies will do. 


If any of you get one of those little guys or girls, I hope you give them a nice home with lots of fun things to do. Okay, I'm going to go to sleep now. I've had a big fun day of exploring and getting petted by Darcy.





health clearances

  • Hips-OFA-Good 

  • Elbows-OFA-Normal

  • prcd-Pra status- clear

  • Pra1 status- clear

  • Pra2 status- clear

  • MD status- clear

  • Ict status- carrier/ not affected 

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