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frequently asked questions:

What is Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)?

Early Neurological Stimulation is a simple series of exercises that is done on puppies from Day 3 to Day 16.


Here are the five exercises:


1. Tactile Stimulation: Using a Q-tip, we tickle between their little toes for 3-5 seconds.


2. Head held erect: I hold the puppy with its head up for 3-5 seconds.


3. Head pointed down: I hold the puppy with its head down for 3-5 seconds


4 Supine position: Using two hands, we hold the puppy belly up for 3-5 seconds.


5. Thermal Stimulation: I will use a damp cloth and lay the puppy on it for 3-5 seconds.


These exercises are done once a day. Benefits that have been recorded in dogs that have received ENS are better cardio vascular performance(heart rate), stronger heart beats, more tolerance to stress, stronger adrenal glands, and more resistance to disease! Also, puppies that received ENS were more active and exploratory than their littermates that had not received ENS.

What is Early Scent Introduction (ESI)?

ESI, like ENS, is done from day 3 to day 16. Each day, I expose the puppies to a new, strong scent and record their reaction as either positive, negative, or neutral. Some of the scents I use are lavender, soil, cinnamon, alpaca fur, rabbit, etc. This simple procedure helps to make them more alert and aware, which in turn helps them be better dogs, whether they go on to be a companion dog, service, emotional support, or therapy. Studies have shown that stimulating puppies scent ability when they're young drastically increases their scent ability when they're older!

What is hand feeding and why do you do it?

Hand feeding is something I am very enthused about. I have not done it as of right now, but I'm planning to begin on my next litter! I am going to include a video of Jeanette Forrey explaining the benefits and reasons for hand feeding! Watch the video here!

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