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welcome to starlight goldens

I'm excited to have you here! My dogs and I are located way down in South Texas about an hour and a half from Houston. We live on a sprawling farm with catfish and cows, Rowdy, the dog who thinks he owns the place, and of course Henry (the cat), so we have our adventures! Feel free to take a look around and learn more about us all! If you have any questions, I'd love to try and answer them!



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Previous puppy customers... I'd love to hear how the experience was for you. Leave a Review!

"I drove 15.5 hours down to Texas to pick up my puppy. I have nothing to say but that it was a wonderful experience!"


I purchased my 10-week-old female Golden Retriever from Darcy Schmidt in August 2021. It was apparent from my first communications with him that the parents and pups are well taken care of and loved. They are a high-quality breed that makes excellent pets and additions to the family. My pup is very intelligent, eager to interact and train, and loves being with the family. The more attention you give them, the more they receive and love you back. And, oh so loyal! She loves people and even our 8-year-old long-haired domestic cat. They say hi to one another and give each other kisses. It is just precious! The cat has boundaries that the pup respects. She can only handle so much of the puppy’s rambunctiousness.


Darcy was responsive, informative, and transparent from the beginning and through the entire transaction. He provided all the vet records when I picked her up which is necessary and so important. It was a smooth transition to get the pup from him and bring her home. He was very accommodating and worked with my schedule which made it easy since I was traveling from out of town.


We continue our communications about how the pup is doing and growing. I provide occasional updates and he checks in also. It has been a great experience and we are very happy. I highly recommend working with Darcy for your next Golden Retriever fur baby. I love my pup so much and am certain you will too.


EM - Austin, TX

Valerie Averill puppy-molly.jpg

What a joy it has been to have Molly as our faithful companion. She brings such joy to our family. She is spirited, loving, and most of all a very caring girl. As she is going to celebrate her 1st birthday I still remember when she picked us as her humans, such a great experience!


Darcy provides the utmost care for his extended fur family members, and we had a great experience with him. He is available throughout the whole process of taking care of your fur baby until they are ready to come home and sends regular updates. His supplies for sending them home is definitely a personal touch on his part. It makes the process of transitioning for the little one and of course your family a smooth process.


We love her So much and are SO incredibly thankful that we found Darcy and Molly! Our family is complete! Thank you!


Valerie A. - Cibolo, Tx

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